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SO I HAVE MOVED TO just in case.


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One of my biggest fears is of spending lonely evenings all by myself in a busy metro,in an old coffee shop sipping warm latte,listening to some oldworld classics,watching the rain and a couple of insane trippers hand-in-hand trudging past happily,getting drenched and caring two-hoots about the world.Or of lonely walks along the streets or staying at home all alone,reading a book,watching romantic comedies and wishing for similar things to happen, late at night.I hate the rain.I hate the clouds.I hate Leonard Cohen and John Denver.I hate Annie's Song.I hate Harry and Sally.I hate the mad tripper.

And then,I listen to John Denver crooning a few favorite old songs and I am lost.I calm down and actually fall in love with the rain a little.
I want a rainsong right now.


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The rich supposedly 'super-hot-glam' girl actually turns out to be really fat with a receding hairline.

The 'super-suave cool dude' from the phoren actually dishes out some classic Bengali gaalis with such panache and gusto that it can put some localite to shame.

The 'high-and-mighty' actually stood on a chair and broke it.

I have absolutely no friggin' idea why but these little things do cheer me up.



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I have realised there are certain people and things I'm so smitten with,so much in love with,that I've this manic fear of losing them.I just don't want that to happen.They and these are too precious ot me.And I'll fight tooth and nail with any adversary who dares to take them away from me.That includes my own inner devil too.

Love you all.Thank you for being there and bearing with a very cranky-shaky-almost shattered-low on confidence and self-esteem-angry me.just love you too much.


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I wish I could kill three people now.Please allow me free murders.I promise I can justify my actions and won't take advantage of the favor granted.

Please,may I?


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Of all the metros I have visited,I think I'd like to live in Bangalore.or Hyderabad.not Chennai.Because Chennai is hot and humid and I don't like Chennai food.Well,if I live in a city,I won't be eating out everyday.But still,I don't like Chennai food.or the weather.It's a tad too sticky or grimy,even by Kolkata standards.(With due respect to all my relatives and friends and other people I don't know living in Chennai.It's not that I don't like your city.I just don't like the weather.The sweat makes the clothes stick to my body like a permanent sticking plaster.and the food.don't get me started on this).I like Delhi.But I wouldn't like to live there.No idea why.(Okay.please ignore my babbling)

But I like Bangalore.I like the buzz,the pace of life.I figured I like fast-paced cities.Now,don't get me wrong.It's not like I like to lead a very fast life with 'no time to stand and stare'.I just like the idea of a fast-paced city.Where nobody's lazy or slouching,nobody's busy being a fatalist,or involved in petty squabbles round-the-clock.Everybody's doing something to eke out a living.That's one of the things about the ambience of Park Street that charms me.The buzz,the life,the verve.The cars zapping by.The bridge,glowing in evening lights,the roads illumianted,the traffic,the busy pedestrians,everybody walking,talking,working.....That's what I really like about Bangalore.apart from the fact that it houses IISc.and that it's rightfullt called India's Sillicon Valley(or something like that).And that it's a corporate hub.And that it's so damn full of life.I like the feel of Bangalore.

Hyderabad is a bit slow-paced compared to B'lore.But,it's the darling of a city,with a very lovely Lumbini Park,overlooking the Hussain Sagar and an essesntially nondescript Secunderabad which however looks beautiful in the evening with twinkling citylights bordering the Lake on its side(think of Mumbai Queen's Necklace and you'll know).And the gigantic Buddha statue in the heart of the lake looks ethereal in the mellow glow of the setting sun and the artificial fluoroscent lights.There's a live band which plays atrocious music and people dance on the boats to entertain you.But all these somehow cannot somehow ruin the charm of the place.

I think the more fast-paced a citylife is,the more enjoyable is the leisure and chilling-out with friends and family.I'd hate to live in a city where life moves in a snail's pace.Such a place is decadent according to me.With no stories.No verve.I am not a very deep person or something if yo uknow what I mean.I cannot justify finding solace and comfort in loneliness or isolation.away from the city.The very thought of staying 'far from the madding crowd' scares me.This is why,I love places like Shimla or Gangtok or Kathmandu over Hee or someplace quiet like that,if I plan to go to the mountains.I need people around me all the time. They may be fighting,squabbling,arguing,bitching,but at least they're alive.I can scream and tell them to shut up if I feel like.

I wonder how do I tell loneliness screaming 'isolation' in my ears to 'shut up'.It won't react.And I,on the other hand,would end up feeling less human each day.


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Some days are good

Some days are not.

So what?

Some days are good toh.



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Problems in life right now:
1> Inability to check BB usage

2>Which leads to inability to download Apple Safari 4,Mozilla Firefox, Opera,Limewire,uTorrent,VLC Media Player,WinRAR and other softwares I am dying to download.

3>Which makes my newly-formatted desktop look completely vacant.

4>Which makes it very difficult for me to work because the laptop where I use a data card gives me horrible download speed.

5>The heat.don't even get me started on this.

6>KKR's 'stellar' performance in the last match.and customary 'Ajanta Mendis'-bashing comments and discussions every-freaking-where.with brothers shaking their heads furiously and trying to make me understand the technical nitty-gritties of spinball and paceball.or something like that.

7>The semester.and Maths paper.of which I don't have more than half of the notes.

8>A diet plan failed horribly because of interference by people who keeps on insisting that I am not eating properly.

9>My hair.It's freaking long,thick,wild and refuses to be tamed by a single band or something.So it keeps on popping out of the braid in loose strands and makes a complete mess of itself.Not to mention the sweat and grime and discomfort it causes.

10>My freakish long hair again which I cannot cut just because my Mommy dear and my Grandma will not let me do so.Because they keep on insisting it is an asset(the sweat and the grime and the discomfort come as a package).and to make things worse,we keep on having these inane fights over it as if the heat isn't enough to drive us insane.

11>A certain 8085 microprocessor board diagram submission on Monday of which I have no clue as to where and how to start.I dont even have the software I need.There again,credit goes to the Calcuttatelephones BB usage checking service.
That is all. :).


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I wouldn't deny.A lot of things have shattered a great deal of confidence in me.Filled me up with a mindless nauseous hatred which which remain bottled up inside and refuse to go away.I wake up at night,feeling scared,worry gnawing at the back of my head.Worrying about trivial matters which even a few months back didnt affect me the way they do now.This worrying stiffles me,chokes me,as I am left wondering what would happen if so-and-so happened.A hell lot of confidence is gone.The remnants are often shaken with bleak thoughts of various possibilities.I realise with a shock just how much I dont want the present to go away.And I feel weak,stupid,hateful,scared but cannot cry because you're not allowed to cry in this house.There's no room for bleak emotions.


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Wikipedia reminds me of my old Organic Chemistry book by I.L Finar. Every time you read a passage and try to grasp its meaning,it'd come up with suggestions like 'turn to page 223' or 'consult ozonolysis mechanism' etc. And the same pattern is followed elsewhere in the book.So basically you start studying something and end up in the midst of something quite different.Same thing happened to me a few minutes back.I started studying about Bayesian Probability Theorem and ended up in a page about Nazi secret societies.occultism,their infamous Die Glocke etc.
Black Order is a fantastic book,1000 times better than Sandstorm,which although presents accurate facts on Arabian history and the physics behind antimatter,has a very bizarre,supernaturalish(sic) climax which I'm sure won't go down well with most readers.(at least not with me).The kind of stories with apocalyptic climax which were a rage in our pre-teens and teens but surely not now.And I still didn't buy the whole deal about asexual reproduction in humans although the author tried to sound very convincing.I mean,the Rahims(Arabian tribe,descendants of the Queen of Sheba,the Queen of the lost city of Ubar),if they were truly capable of performing asexual reproduction,the environmental changes would ave wiped them out owing to natural selection and lack of variation.And Arabia is quite infamous for its ever-changing climatic patterns.But Black Order is different-merging facts with a gripping,fastpaced storyline.Although the author seems to have a fetish for a little too much of bullets(almost every chapter ends with an anonymous killer spraying a shot of bullets on unsuspecting people),it's a great read.But th ebest part about it is that I have fallen in love with biology-the genome studies,protein sequence,evolution theory,biophysics et all.4 years ago if I had read this book,I'd have surely taken up bio in class 11-12 and not flunked it.
Dear Mr James Rollins(if you ever read this,though the likelihood is knowledge of probability amounts to this only),Thank you for Black Order.And for helping me overcome my fear and dislike of Biology.


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The present is good.very a lovely soothing breeze after a gruelling summer.The human touch.The love,care,friendship,fun,laughter...the togetherness,the practicality,reality and looking at it optimistically.The present is like a healing touch,a promise,a reason to feel grounded,good,inspired,stay focussed and look ahead.To smile,speak,laugh without inhibitions and nagging worries at the back of the mind.The fiery determination to see the good.No weird preassumptions,where others' opinions are respected and listened to.where there are no forceful impostions,no judgement passing etcetera.

After a really long time,I am at peace of mind.


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It's 8 in the morning.I am just back from swimming.A lot of water went into my ears today when I tried back-paddling.I lost balance half-way through the pool and nearly drowned.Clutched somebody's shoulders and took her down with me!Turned out it was poor Shaili!She was furious though she pretended to be concerned.Back-paddling is a thing I am hopeless at.I can do freestyle,dolphin-stroke and all but never back-paddling.I was knocked out completely for a while.Inderjeet Aunty slapped me a few times to get the water out of the ears.She's so tall and hatta-katta that I felt knocked out again after being slapped.Wonder how Tanveer and Anupreet feel like if they're ever beaten up(I don't think they're ever.They're such nice and sweet little kids)
Tanveer is a 5ft 8".I thought she was in college and had a real babyface.Turned out she's just given her class 10 boards.I was so pissed at myself that day.It feels weird to have someone that tall calling you "Didi" and "aap" when you're like 5"! But she's a nice girl.She's been desperately trying to teach me back-paddling for the past 3 days to no avail.Deep down,she probaly thinks I'm a hopeless nutcase.But hah! I can swim faster and further in one breath than her! *gloats*. Another person I'm good friends with is Anupreet,her sister.She's a real sweetheart.We do our freestyle practices together.And often act like pros and try back-paddling,clinging to the iron rods for dear life! Also made friends with Pooja and two other girls whose names I don't know yet.For some reason,people think I'm a Punjabi! Some said it's because of my hair! I love to point out to these people that I am not tall.I'd love to be tall.But I am not.Some lady in the club started speaking to me in terrible Hindi that day.And I Bengali.pure,unaccented Bengali.First reaction..."Oh! tumi ki bhalo Bangla bolo!!"...When I patiently replied that I am a Bengali,she was so surprised......"oh..tumi Bangali...ami toh chul dekhe bhablam tumi Punjabi...." heehee!
Swimming is fun.It's good to be back in the pool after such a loong time!And what's more,I drive everyday to the club.So that means more driving for me apart from the regular "drop-your-mother-at-the-dentist" driving I usually do.But Calcutta! (will elaborate on this some other day)
Au revoir.


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How do you convince someone that though you don't really like something he/she has bought for you,it doesn't mean you don't like him/her or doesn't respect his/her decision to do so for you?..sounds naive no? this seems to be one of those questions to which I never find an answer.Okay,I like/love someone really really a lot.But that doesn't mean I have to like every single thing he/she gets for me.This doesn't translate to hypocrisy.or the opposite of gratitude(what is it?I have forgotten.).No.gratitude is not the word.It should be...i don't know what.But you get me right?

The thing is suppose someone buys something for you which you don't like.You cannot explain to him/her that you don't like it because that would be a very rude thing to do.So you smile and accept it.And then after sometime,you grow out of tolerance with it(not love/liking,because you've never liked it).And you hardly use it.(you're human.not a winged-and-haloed angel)Then the person who's given that thing to you accuses

you don't like it's such a wastage......

which leads to

you have changed a lot...this reflects in your attitude towards life......

which automatically leads to

you want everything that attracts you....your generation is a use-them-and-throw-them type.It shows in your lifestyle.You hang out with someone today..then go after someone else the next don't have mental're never satisfied.....when we were your age,we had less but we were happier..............

Dear people-who-say-this,

I'd love to point out that

1>yes,we the young-uns might be a high-spending demographic nowadays,but that doesn't make us shallow/unhappy/dissatisfied or something like that.

2>we don't change our partners because we're the use-them-and-throw-them types.we do because we definitely a more concrete reason that that. well,mostly.

3>we don't want everything that attracts us.

a) we are not rolling in cash.

b) we are not like that.

We indulge ourselves a lot.yes we do.And we don't think that's wrong,because we have only one life,and every single person has a right to be happy and enjoy it to the fullest.We don't consider living our lives in a complete rut a way to happiness and satisfaction.We think that it's an escapist mentality.

But we do know where to draw the line.We save and then spend.We do not treat ourselves as money-producing-and-spending machines.When we buy something that we like,it does not mean we go crazy buying everything that we want.And when we don't use something,it doesn't mean we have grown out of it.It means we never liked it much,but gave in due to certain reasons,foremost among them being behaving decently.I,for one,would never stop using something I really like.take it as you mean.

You expect me to like everything that you buy for me.You want me to tell you if I don't like it.You are hurt if I actually do so.You think I am another exponent of the 'fast-and-high-living' generation X(to quote someone........whatever that means..).You blame me for being so.And then when I make a slip and do something wrong,you accuse me.

That makes you nothing.But does that make me a hypocrite entirely?

Shmile pleez.........  

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DISCLAIMER: this is NOT an attention-seeking post.merely the tumultous thoughts of a jobless soul.

I just figured out that I'm not very photogenic.Most of my pictures look retarded.Either I am sticking my tongue out,or rolling my eyes,or distorting my face or I have simply refused to look at the camera point-blank by closing my eyes.And my hair looks frizzy,the kohl(if any) is smudged,the dress is crumpled-all in all I look freakishly grungy-not cool-grungy.grungy-grungy.If you know what I mean.

I have tried to keep my face normal,smile without baring my teeth and look at the camera.End result? I look drunk/sleepy/scared/high/silly. My hair is still sticking out and my face is a cross between a half-smile and a drunken expression.the kohl is smudged making me look like the wicked mother-in-laws of the soaps(but I bet,I look scarier).

I have also tried changing the ambience,mood,posture,location and every other feasibile aspect but just ended up with nothing worthwhile.So I conclude I am not photogenic.This is a matter of perspective.Many people may find me photogenic(hic..hic).I just don't.I look chubby,drunk,sleepy and in short,weird.



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Yes. It's official.

I have the best parents in the whole wide universe and beyond.



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One of the nastiest feelings on earth is feeling stupid.The way that makes your insides feel totally hollow.And makes you lose your peace of mind as you just sit back and worry about the I wish I were never stupid and always said the right thing at the right time.I wish sometimes I had never opened my mouth at certain circumstances.I wish I knew how to tackle some situations, say intelligent things.

Please tell me you also feel stupid at times.It'd be a comfort(I mean,dont say it just to comfort me.say it for real).


"She bruise easy..."  

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I had a freak auto accident today.

I was coming back from Gariahat and sat in the auto's front side.The autowallah bumped into a taxi in front of the Selimpur petrol pump and I got thwron out of the auto under the impact and banged into the side of an Alto.The Altowallah stared at me agape,thinking I'm some alien or something to have appeared out of nowhere and banged into his car!

End result: I have a beautiful blue bell-shaped bruise on my left knee and it keeps on changing color.I think it is greenish-grey now.And I have a sneaky feeling this will change into some rare shades of green overnight.Let's hope it is bottle-green or cyan or something.I find these two colors very fascinating.I'll be sporting a cyan bell bruise like a tattoo on my left knee.

They're black, they're blue

These heavens

The scars out in her eyes

Could be cool easy pressure

Oh, when the weapons lessen

Who can tell.......

So cool =) !!!


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I always knew I can fight well.But I never knew I had such a violent streak in me.And I feel it's getting out of control day by day.

A few days back,I slapped a drunken man who was indecently touching a friend of mine in the auto.I abused him and almost pushed him out of the auto till the local people took the matter in their hands.

Today I went to collect my voter id card.We were standing in the queue for like two and half hours.Then suddenly this man came in from nowhere and tried to break into the queue almost at the front.I shouted at him,asking him to get out.He didn't budge.Neither did anyone else.So I grabbed him by his collar and pushed him out of the line.Then when he started giving attitude,I almost slapped him till the police intervened.

Pure adrenaline rush I must say.And I feel really kicked after having such fights with people :). I have this 'bring it on' kind of attitude,I don't give a damn about anyone in the world giving shit....

I seriously need a haircut now.My hair has grown longer and browner.There's this stupid heat and so hair sticks to my neck all the time making me feel all sweaty and itchy.And I can't wet it for it wont dry before at least 2 hours.All this is making me very snappy.But my mother and grandmother won't let me have a haircut....this is so unfair.I mean,come one,my hair my rules!But then,who listens??...I hate my hair right now.hate it hate it hate it.

Also,I seem to be wasting all my time playing cards.There's a difference.I don't think I'm wasting my time.We're turning into seriously unsocial people nowadays.We don't sit and talk anymore.We're too engrossed in playing cards.....29,Bluff,Screw,Fish,BlackJack,Teenpatti............and what's more no one's complaining.Not even me :). Choi and Somdev are a couple.They too spend their time playing cards whenever Choi comes to JU. :).

So long,au revoir.


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icche korchhe jekhane ja taar acche...shob kete di....

baaps re baaps...............

Feet,Fest,Friends et all  

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I have horribly bloody feet. The stupid sandals gave me blisters the size of aloo pakodas. And some brainy fellow trampled on them this morning when I went to that overcrowded zerox corner near JU.I shouted at random people and was almost on the verge of cursing when I freaked out at the sight of a steady flow of blood from both feet.It was gross I tell you.More so,because I was munching on Lays Spanish Tomato and felt like puking(why I'm describing each and every small detail is because I want you to lose your breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack after reading this as well)

The JU Arts Fest is going on.I don't know why but there's always a hint(or more) of silent animosity between JU Arts and Engg students.A silent cold war between the two.Which is pretty weird and inexplicable according to me.I gathered that the main reason behind it is a very basic attitude difference.What attitiude difference? People on both sides study,chat,walk,eat,turn unsocial and play cards,watch movies..blah blah blah...then what is this difference thing?? I'm in JU Engg. but I've plenty of good friends from the Arts side,one of them being my best friend and the other being my future brother-in-law.Yeah,I've been cold-shouldered at times when some people learnt that I'm from the Engg side.But frankly I give a damn..I don't notice these things much.But the whole thing is totally weird I tell you.

Anyway I digress.The Arts fest is going on.I missed both performances by Shilajit and Cassini's Division.And right now,Fossils is performing at OAT and my brother is texting me furiously,asking me to come.But I'm nursing a pair of bloody feet and can't move.Besides, I wont be allowed anyway.

I met Choi and Ching together after a really really long time.And Ishita and Somdev as well.Met Rudrani who's Ishita's school friend,now in JUDE.All of them fussed over my bloody feet(the story of my 'bloody feet' being much exaggerated by Ching).The Choi treated me to some horribly bitter coffee from Milanda and a Cadbury's Eclairs.There's something amazing about meeting old friends,laughing over stupid jokes,sipping hot coffee,talking people's heads off....

Now I can really say without the fear of being overheard and ticked off by Baba for 'verbal profanity'........

Bloody feet.....


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It's one of those few precious moments in your lives when time comes to a standstill. You reflect deeply and try to figure out what is so wrong with your life and just how you can put things back on track.And you do this quietly, shutting yourself out from the jangled mess called the 'rest of the world'. No cellphones to distract you, no loud music to help you drown yourself in it and thus run away from reality,no one shouting at you and calling you a 'loser'.You turn a blind eye to the whole world.You're at a place from where you just can't turn back.You have to take everything in your stride and put a step forward.You're left with just one truth in front of you.And that is YOU.

One of those tumultous moments which are enough to give a rude shock to your world of soft-easy options,drag you to the hard-core,brutal reality against which you tried to create your wall of defence.Which finally makes you realise that hiding,denying,sharking,procrastinating,avoiding,escaping are the biggest lies one can say to oneself.
It's time we all get set and go......because life just cannot be worse than THIS. And even if it gets so....there's a way out...every action has an equal and opposite reaction....if we are in a mess,there's always a way out of it.Otherwise we wouldn't have been into it..I mean,even a mess has a limited intake capacity right??


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Can someone please type a 100 pages long 8085 assembly language program assignment for me?You don't have to write them on your own.Yours truly has boggled her brains with her lab partner and written all of them.You just have to blindly copy stuffs from a copy,make a proper assignment with all proper fonts,borders,outlines,shades and stuffs.And if possible,get me a printout of them of cost??

In return,you can have my skates-my most prized possession right now,apart from my desktop,laptop,pendrive and rucksack(I live on these stuffs). I will teach you how to skate and put oinment on your cuts and bruises.Promise I will.

But just finish this assignment for me please.It's 12th of February and I dont feel like typing it.Not that 12th of February is my deathday or some other really auspicious day.Just like that.I want to listen to John Denver,Elvis Presley,Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones and watch Love Actually and cuddle up to my old teddy and have lots of chocolates and talk to Choi/Ching after a really long long time and just sleep...really sleep peacefully to my heart's content.

Wouldja puhleez????

Dear People,  

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If you're planning to appoint me to cover up for you on this Valentine's Day and later,please for heaven's sake, let me know about your plans in details. So that I'm not left to making up horribly stupid last minute stories and convince frantic and hyper-harried guardians over the phone,fumbling with the receiver with my own mother glaring at my histrionic talents.And I've come up with some extremely outrageous stories in the recent times(for further details,contact me.I'll give you the contacts of the victims).So please,guys and girls,before you make some plan(or after you make it)please tell me about it in details,okay?Remember,you may go and have your good time.But when it comes to saving yourself from getting busted,yours truly is the one you should come to...*raises collar*

This V'Day,like the other V'Days I've spent at home is no exception.I have to cover up for people sitting at home,finishing Microprocessor lab assignments.I'm this unpaid PR person.I'll be sighted at 5(at least) places with 5 different people at almost the same time,when actually I'll go berserk figuring out what'd come after LXI H 2050,MVI H 05H and converting stuffs to machine code(8085 microprocessor stuffs).Occasionally,I'll attend to calls from suspicious parents who're convinced that their wards are upto something fishy(why let them go out then..???)and would try to get some assurance from me that they're!what do you take me for??..a 21st century chaperone??And this V'Day,like all other V'Days,my father will gift a huge bunch of fresh red rosebuds to my mum,along with some chocolates(which I can't touch on that day) and I'll be left watching them,sitting idle on the sofa.And I'll buy myself some chocolates and sit down to watch some romantic comedy which I've watched at least 20 times but never grow tired of watching it,(..because it's that day of the year which makes you believe in something good..... just how many times have I told myself these words when the movie reaches the climax when the hero inevitably has a bad fallout with the heroine due to unprecedented ego problems or third party interference,and the heroine is making a beeline for the exit/sitting and crying in a small dingy station and the likes..and you see the hero turns up from nowhere with promises and a wedding ring).And I'll get up from the couch,feeling delirious with happiness that the hero-heroine were married at last,and toss and twirl and bump into a chair or something and come back crashing into the reality,which shows that I've to actually finish lab assigments!

This V'Day,like all other V'days,I'll call up all the committed friends just to irritate the hell out of them and really be a crashing bore till they reach the point of saying ...go to hell :D :D. And finally manage to rope myself into a party with all committed people around,convincing myself that I'm here only for the good food and nothing else.And watch Ma and Baba together and wonder about their 33 years of togetherness.And get shouted at by them.....your generation can't value's all a fling..casual night stands for you people understand nothing beyond money,booze,smoke and the likes..... and get up from the couch and leave the room when this "you-young-people" bashing have finally got on my nerves.Okay! agreed we young people have our own shares of dark sides,but then everyone does.Even the elders aren't free from them,are they?I can think of at least 50 rational topics to stop their 'you-young-people-' rant.But,I realise I hardly give a damn......'we-young-people' syndrome...tomra kono kichhukei patta dao na....tomader toh sab kuch chalta hain......

Okay!I digress....from nothing concrete I was writing though.Point is this V'Day like all other V'Days,I'll be spending time at home,doing assignments,watching sugarcoated,reality-masking,illusionary romcoms(which I love to watch anyway),eat chocolates and put on a saintly,goody-goody,mother's girl-like tone and convince people.....nana! Dont worry...he/she's with me..... :D :D

Shum phun!


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In spite of all ups and downs,I'm really happy to have found a great new friend.

Thank you for being.God bless you.Please be there always.


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Why do people jump without calculating the odds? Much less hassle I tell you.You just need to sit back and analyze the whole thing from both sides.Buss!. Problem solved.

That's an advice.more to myself and the kindred soul.


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I decided I'm going to travel all over India in a car for a month right after my graduation,before stepping into the big bad world of jobs/postgrads education and the likes.Start from Kolkata,go all the way to Kashmir,from there travel across Rajasthan,Punjab,Gujarat,Maharashtra,Karnataka,Kerala,then travel north through Tamil Nadu,Andhra P,Orissa,then go to Sikkim and the north-east.And I'll drive and drive and drive.....all day long,stopping only at roadside dhabas to have tea/coffee and food,or somewhere I can take good photos,or a bath,or just randomly.There'd be great music in the car,lots of good books,chocolates and all other necessities thrown into a simple haversack.That's all.I'll have my camera,my ipod,a laptop and a GPS enabled phone in case I get lost which I'm very likely to do,given my sense of direction.

Maybe the whole trip will extend upto 2 months.All friends are welcome,provided we change driving shifts.And one condition is I get to drive the maximum time.

So long! Au revoir.


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The tag taken off Ching's blog. because I'm bored and decided to kill time doing retardo-stuffs.

Instructions:Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. Name three most valuable assets?In materialistic sense: ATM card, pc, car keys…can I add more?? Food, music, gadgets, books and a small cuddly puppy.

In deep non-materialistic sense, it’s love, self-respect and courage.

2. If you have the chance, what would you probably say to your beloved one?

Can I skip this? I’m hopeless at open-ended questions…..or maybe I’ll say that I love you and no matter what happens, I’m going to be there. so no worries.

3. what’s your greatest problem? I procrastinate.

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
any place that provide good opportunity of water sports/trekking/photography/

5. If you can have 1 dream come true, what would it be?

Oh loads and loads.
1> go parascending/hang gliding/wind surfing/whitewater rafting or any such adventure sport.

2> drive a sports car of my choice.

3>climb the Everest…………….and loads more.

6. Till now, what is the moment that you regret the most?

Don’t want to think of any.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
My family. My friends. Peace of mind.

8. Any philosophy you strictly follow?

No such philosophy. I just follow my instincts.

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her? .
Don’t know.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.

No one tagged me. I got it from Ching’s blog. Ching is my best friend. She is completely insane. She shouts at me to no end. She is my best confidante and secret keeper, advice-giver, pocket-money spender, walk-mate, scolder(assuming that’s someone who scolds). She always takes care of people she loves, she scolds them if they go wrong, but she’ll always be there for us. She’s one person who can understand what I’m trying to say(or not trying to say) even if I haven’t said anything(which is rather annoying…shobjanta kothakar ). She’s one person with whom I don’t have to hold back anything, I can just let things be without worrying much. And I know that even if we don’t talk/meet for days, she’s always there and the day we meet/talk,we go back to talking as if we’ve always been in touch.

11. What is the most difficult thing you've done?

Made up with people with whom I had a bad….really bad ..fallout.

12. Which type of person do you hate the most? Wimps. Liars. Hypocrites.

13. What is your ambition? In academics?-- Study Artificial Intelligence and do something significant in this field. Otherwise the list is long. Read the previous post if you’ve the time and patience.

14. What is the thing that will make you think someone is a bad person? Lies. Hypocrisy. Unnecessary sarcasm.

15.(My question) Three things you wish to do before death:
Only three?? and see the world. Have a great family. See the world as a better place to live in.

16. If you could do one thing different in life, what would it be?

17. Are you a shopaholic or no? oui. Bien sur. Je suis une ‘shopaholic’ terrible…………….yes I am.bigtime.period.

18. What is your stress buster? Listening to music. Driving. Eating. Watching fun movies. Talking. Sleeping. Going out for walks.

19. What should be done to people who make such long tags?

They should be made to pool in money and buy me a sports Audi/Maserati/Mustang/Lexus……

20.Honestly speaking, are you happy?

Yes. Of course. I am.

21.Hypothetically if you had to choose between people who’re all precious to you, what’re you gonna do?

I wont choose. Period. I can’t choose like that. Each one is precious to me in some way or the other. How can I choose??


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We all have a '10 things I want to do in life' list in tow.I do too.More than ten actually.Here are a few:

1> hang gliding(set a record of the highest glide ratio)

2>whitewater rafting(also tubing)


4>wind surfing

5>water skiing

6>climb the Mont Blanc,Matterhorn,K2,Kanchenjungha,Kilimanjaro and ultimately....The Sagarmatha


8>play ice hockey(because I love skating)

9>beat a certain friend of mine at NFS,MW and COD

10>go for camel safari in the Thar,Sahara and Gobi.(preferably get lost)

here I'd like to point out that my interests and desires being multifarious,'ten' is just not please excuse me while I proceed....

11>get a job in NSA(or an equivalent)

12>learn to play the carnatic violin

13>meet John Mayer,Bono,Jimmy Page,Meryl Streep,Michael Schumacher

14>drive a Maserati/Audi GT3/Jaguar/Ford Mustang/Corvette/Shelby/Ferrari/Porsche/Camaro Convertible/Mosler/Lambhorghini Murcielago/Aston Martin.............(note:driving=owning)

15>study ancient scripts

16>run a small coffee shop in the mountains,for trekkers.

17>run an orphanage

18>take Ma and Baba on a world trip

19>learn salsa

20>have a pet

That's all for now.


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I need my fat old teddy.

I need Choi and Ching to tell me that even though I'm an idiot,I'm not all rotten.

I need a hug from both.

I need some sleep.But I won't be getting that tonight.

Because I'm an idiot and I need to cry.

A lot.

It's been a really really long time since I've done that.


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We have a small party of college buddies this Friday at either 1>Sanjha Chulha or 2>some place in Park Street.
And I've just realised that I'm a complete freaking broke.I can't even afford to buy myself a bus ticket to Gariahat,forget about paying for a whole lunch at either of the aforementioned places.(maybe I'll peck at other people's plates)
So that means,I'm left with just one option: Borrow next month's pocket money.
So this,inevitably means by mid-February I'm again going to be a total broke.And in March I won't be getting any pocket money owing to my screwed-up semester results and would've to scrounge real hard for survival.It's not tough.I mean,there're many people out there in the world who practically live off scrounging throughout their entire lives.And this is only for a month for me(actually two,if I consider that my 4th semester will start end of April).So,I guess I'll pull through.Let's see.

Last Sunday,we all met at Gaurav's place for a semi cookout.We ordered Chicken Biriyani from Banzara.Then,early in the morning of the D-Day,Gaurav woke up only to have this stellar realisation that we'd be needing three more packets but were in no position to ask for more,considering the fact that we had already badgered the man at the counter to no end.So,Debtanu,Alaka and I cooked up a brilliant story(involving me not knowing Debtanu and Alaka and ordering three more packets) and somehow the job was done.
So we reached Gaurav's place and Anuradha and Alaka started preparing raita .I found this amazing,adorable cosy little room with loads of cushions and spend 30 minutes talking to Chitrak discussing philosophy,by the end of which it was clear that I know nothing of philosophy.So I thought of better things to do,found a box of Ferrero Rocher and started eating.Then helped the girls in preparing the raita and corn salad. while Amrita kept a lookout lest anybody stole the food.Then the whole house rocked to the sound of Led Zeppelin(Me and Sarbo fought over Immigrant Song and Kashmir),Pink Floyd(Shine on You Crazy Diamond was the public demand),RHCP(I practically made people listen to Snow and Can't Stop before they admitted that it's really good),ACDC(..Back in Black....) and the likes!
I fell asleep around 6 on Gaurav's couch while people were knocked out on the sofa after having too much food.(I guess that's why I fell asleep)The room was completely dark,with the pale streetlight streaking in through the curtains occassionally,Roger Waters was singing Comfortably Numb.I slept for like 1.5 hour,completely spreadeagled on the couch and almost fell off it.And after sometime,I guess everyone had fallen asleep(what a rocking party indeed!!! ....:D :D)
While returning home,I saw a Bengali wedding being held at a ceremonial house where the decorative sign at the door read : SHYAMAL WEDS SUMAN. Now that had me pondering for about two minutes(I was stuck in traffic jam).I mean,I know liberality issues and everything,but this is South Calcutta for heaven's sake.And you don't expect it from a Bengali family set up here.And all my doubts were cleared up when I noticed the 'I' hidden behind a gigantic banana leaf.
And we call ourselves the 'fasttrack generation' when the entire group took something around 2 hours 45 minutes to decide where'd we go for a picnic.I started off by suggesting Nicco Park,but the others poohpoohed the suggestion.Except Vishal who said he doesn't have a problem(I later found out that he was joking,because he thought I was joking).The various suggestions came flying like Digha,Sunderban,Shantiniketan.I had to put my foot down,as I won't simply be allowed a nightout.So, I threatened Raja that I'd call on his landline and all hell will break lose there!Not very nice of me!The guys were having a tough time.Happens when you've just one girl in the group and you've to reconstruct and reschedule everything to suit her convenience.Not that,I was haggling for extra privileges.Never.But there're certain rules that I've to stick to as well. And I just didn't want to be left alone.
So finally,after lots of discussions,phonecalls,threats,verbal abuses,mock-threats to kill me as I was being a spoilsport :D,ridiculous insane banter,we decided upon a lunch.Followed by adda at Aveek's place.And,if everything goes right,we'd be watching Shining on that day.So that means a weeklong sleepless nights for me again.That's because the movie will scare the shit out of me.I saw the trailers and they're freakishly scary.Good practice before the semesters.heh.
So long.the week's been good and full.Have finished reading The Devil Wears Prada(my brain is still reeling under the impact of reading so many obscure/unheard of fashion labels),now I'll start reading The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann.
Have a great week.Take Care.

How I came to JU-Part 2  

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School starts. The First Day

First day at school. We were asked to sit at the auditorium.I was feeling glum.Because

1>Choi wasn't there.

2>Ching was in another section.

3>Many of my friends from morning had taken up commerce and were staying back in the morning session.

4>Others I knew had taken up Bio and would be in separate sections(unless we were all in Section E)

5>Afternoon school meant I'd be missing my afternoon siesta and I wasn't used to that,being a morning school-goer throughout my life.

6>Lastly and most importantly,I hardly knew anyone in afternoon except for Aritra Gupta and Aashish and to some extent,Chitrak.I knew Trina very well,but she had also taken up commerce.

I remember sitting beside Shreyasi Das on the first day and craning my neck to see people whom I knew.But there were rows and rows of people from afternoon.Now you'd call me stuck-up.But seriously,after spending 12 years of one's life with certain peole,if one fine morning(..err..afternoon)one finds oneself in complete alien territory,one's bound to feel out of place.And besides,everyone seemed to know each other while I knew none!And no one talked to me.Sniff.I saw Aashish and Aritra both of whom said hi but were soon engulfed amidst a group of friendsAnd man! what a HUGE group!I was missing our Section C,Section H group like crazy.And then,for the second time in my life,I was feeling really intimidated(first time was when I sang in front of Pt. Ajay Chakraborty)

I saw Ritadev somewhere in the distance and waved happily.Ah!at last someone I knew.He waved back and mouthed..Stats . Amio..said your trulys and felt relieved.

Then Soloman Aunty came and addressed us and stated certain rules,knowing fully people would be flouting them in no time,thereby keeping up the trend.heh.The newcomers introduced themselves.There were Ushashi,Shubhro,Sankhadeep and others.I knew Shubhro because by that time,our Stats tutions had started and I had met him there.

Then we were sorted in different sections.I went to Section G.So did Payel,Rabindrika,Ritadev,Bishan,Soumya Shanta,Rajarshi Shome,Aritra Bakshi,Indranil,Arja,Aveek,Sambuddha(friends from morning).

I remeber sitting beside Payel and Rabindrika and taking down the routine and trying to stiffle a yawn.Man! Afternoon session was going to be tough.

First day in class

I was late.Yes.Thus began the saga of Shreyasi-coming-late-to-class.Subhankar sir lifted his face from the attendance register and asked...etto late keno??" "sir jam chhilo khub.." I said while scanning the seats and alternately thinking..kar paashe boshi..?? Then I sat down beside Oishi and Malobika. Malobika later very hesitantly you mind? eta neelakshir jayga chhilo...Drat it! ....acchha thik acche.ami kal uthe jabo..aj boshi ?? She smiled and said...nana bosh... And I liked this girl.She was being honest.

Now,it became a major problem.I had to find someone to sit beside.Sambuddha,Rito,Shome,Biki had all their seats occupied.Then,luckily,I found out that Alaka went to the same Physics tution as me.So,I timidly asked her...can I sit with you and Amrita? :D She said yes(Later I learnt that she didn't like me then at all.But,honestly,I didn't like her too!)


So,matters sorted,the classes started.So did the tutions.And I discovered that the position of abhorrence which Life Science had occupied till class 10 Boards was slowly being captured by Chemistry.I didn't like it at all.

The Chemistry tutions were interesting.Rather amusing.NC's wry sense of humor never got down well with most of the people.He had a way of getiing back at people by referring to their families,parents,lineage etc.His famous lines were....bangalir blood e corruption achhe.... I think I got the second highest marks in his first test(Ritwik Giri got the highest,by a margin of 2 marks!) and from that point, the scoldings and highlighting the mistakes in front of everyone increased.And to make the matters worse,he started comparing Madhura Mukherjee with me.Madhura had screwed up her first test somehow.Now I was completely sure that she's far better at Chemistry at me(Heh.I wasn't even ashamed) and she'd pull through.But I hated(and still do) this comparison thing.It makes matters rather uncomfortable and of course there were people who added fuel to fire(you know what I mean)

Maths tutions were by far the most peaceful of all and I loved it.Shreyasi Raychoudhuri was there.So was Sambudhha.Kalyan Sir was his peaceful self as usual as we proceeded through surds,quadratic equations,coordiante geometry.

The most hilarious and enjoyable tution was that of Statistics.There were around 60/65 of us.Majority of them were from South Point,others from Patha Bhavan,Nava Nalanda,Carmel,Jadavpur Vidyapith etc.The first day,I sat on the last bench between Soumita and Advaita and eating peanuts throughout the class and chatting with Soumita and Indra,because there was a general ruckus and I couldn't here or see a word.Giri Sir suddenly loomed right in front of us and asked tomra shob thikthak bujhechho toh?? I coughed and spluttered with my mouth full of nuts,Advaita who was listening to music on his cell,ducked behind his copy and Soumita tried to hide her copy where she had scribbled only 5/6 words throughout an entire class of 45 minutes! Indra,Sourav and Aritra tried to maintain composure but Indra was already laughing so much that they gave up. Giri Sir sighed and said..bujhbe na bujhbe na...hashchho hasho..haashte toh tax lagena..but bujhbe bujhbe... leaving us behind in various degrees of silence.

But Statistics tutions were immense fun.I made friends with Shubhro,Bando,Antoreep.I already knew Donald(Abhishek Banerjee) who lived in the same para, Oishi,Malovika,Neelakshi .There was Parongoma,who everyone had a crush on.Sayantani Lala, who had a huge crush on some television character and gushed incessantly about him,so much so that in the end I wanted to hit her!

KCD tution was a 30 seconds walkaway from my place,right opposite to my mamabari. The classes started at 6 ,a time I considered myself lucky to be awake.I rushed to the class,wildly combin my hair,nearly knocking an equally bleary-eyed milkman or paperwallah while my dida shouted from the aj o chul badhishni thik kore???? I went and flopped down on the red plastic chairs,clutching a throbbing head.Afternoon school was taking a serious toll on my health.I wasn't at all used to staying awake in the afternoon.That automatically meant,I'd have to stay awake late at night to study.And that'd vouch for my waking up late right?But then,owing to a lifetime of habit,I found myself waking up at 6 and staring at the ceiling,trying to remeber my father's name. (kharap bhasha) .I met Iku (Navoneel), Sourav Sengupta,Shubhro in this class.

The most insipid of all tutions was Physics tution.Deepak Bhowmik droned on and on about Laws of Motion,torque and inertia,while his minions were blissfully ignorant of what was going on in the blackboard.Alaka and I were gradually becoming good friends.Somehow,I always knew Amrita.And I was getting to know other people like Aparajita,Oindrilla.

My mother was already friends with Achena Aunty(Prithviraj Gupta's mother)and got to know that Prithviraj,Aritra,Saptarshi all went to someone called Dibyendu Sengupta for extra Physics tutions as all that Supriyo Ghosh was teaching them went over their head.And late in June/July,I found myself making my way for Dibyenduda's house for classes.

It is hear,that I completely fell in love with Physics.

How I came to JU-Part 1  

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Jadavpur University.

I live in Jadavpur.So I practically grew up in its vicinity.Watching the big ominous buildings,peeping in through the gates cautiously,running away if I saw anyone looking at me from inside.That place was a source of wonder for me,evoking in me the kind of mystery from which only a 10-year old can derive pleasure.

I hail from a family of Jadavpurians.I've 3 brothers,one sister and an uncle who studied Engineering there.My mother completed her B.Ed from JU.So,naturally it was expected that I'd follow their footsteps(i.e. if I didn't flunk too badly before that).As a result,I often had to hear stuffs like....mon diye poro..Jadavpur kintu mukher kotha na.. The wide-eyed naivete that I was,I wondered how my not-studying would affect the place where I live in!Only my mother refrained from making such comments(bless her!).It was only too apparent that everyone had their hearts set on seeing me studying Engineering at JU.

I grew up,without much bothering about it.JU stayed at its own realms and never really veered off into my course of life.Occassionaly,if I was taking a walk inside with Ma,I stared curiously at the huge buildings and envied all the people who got to play and sit and talk in the lush green fields.Man! what splendid fields!I remember,there was no staff canteen then.But,overall,JU and I were blissfully ignorant of each other's existence and purpose of living.

Class 10. After Boards.

Our whole family happily sped off to Sikkim,a state we have visited 4 times so far and plan to do more.As I had left right after the Boards, I had no idea that...ei sir er kaache na porle Joint e pawa jay na..Everyone got enrolled to coaching classes in that vital 2.5 weeks I was away.

Now,this is the first thing that struck me about class 11-12.People joining tutions.This was almost a total unfamiliar territory to me.So far,I had just 2 tutions.One for Hindi(that was extra work.not school stuff.My Hindi teacher,Pallavi Aunty was not even from school.She was my kindergarten teacher actually :-)).And Mechanics in class 9.So I never had this tension hounding me that what would happen if I didn't get admission to this particular teacher's tutions.And all of a sudden in class 11,practically everyone started discussing tutions and competitive exams.It was a radical change of scenario overnight.

Taking up Science was a conscious decision.But I put my foot down when it came to choosing additional.I simply refused to take up Biology.I had been PATHETIC in Life Science throughout(it's an understatement).I loathed that subject with a vigorous passion which hurt my mother who's a Physiology glod medalist.She,for her whole life's worth,couldnt figure out just how can her daughter be so hopelessly bad at it.She coaxed me,tried to make me see reason...arrey Bio nile tor shubidei hobe..ami toh guide korte p arbo..tution lagbe na...But I was defiant.I knew I'd flunk it,because it never agreed with me.So in the end she had to give in.

Meanwhile we came back from Sikkim only to find that all vacancies were filled up in all tutions.A friend called me!!!what have you done??why havent you taken admission before going away??..ebar ki hobe??...That was precisely my question.What'd happen now??I asked kothay bhorti hoyechhish re??...He rattled off the names.Each one sounded unfamiliar except Bidhan Bhattacharya(Chemistry).My brother took tutions from him.I turned to ma and ora shobai enader kaache bhorti hoyechhe.amio hobo?? My mother looked worried...dara re.ami toh kaukei chini na.Shubho dada ke jigyesh kor...

Shubho Dada was my cousin who was,at that time in 2nd year of Construction Engg at JU.He gave me a list of names and warned me that most of them wont take me because I was already running late.Late??You call two weeks late??...welcome to the new jungle ..he laughed.

I remembered calling up Deepak Bhowmik for Physics.Supriyo Ghosh was out of question as I was dreadfully late.And I didn't know Subhojit Bhattacharya's(SB) namethen.I put on a tone dripping sincerity and apology..sir..ami thik jantam na..maane ekta oshubidhe bhorti hote parini...After a 30 minutes verbal fencing match,he agreed to place me in the Saturday morning's batch.

Next came Maths.I knew I'd go to Kalyan Sir.He had taught me Mechanics in class 9-10 and I was familiar with his ways.He is the most humble,down-to-earth,kind,gentle and helpful teacher alive on earth.And what was good about him was,when he got stuck with some problem,he never made fuss of admitting it.I worshipped him.As expected,he didn't have a problem with me asking for admission so late but took me in.

Then I took the admission test at KCD's.I saw no point in going to two teachers for the same subject.Didn't they teach the same thing?(Mind you,I was completely naive in this subject.)The test had a few tricky questions.I remember getting stuck with a surd problem while KCD sat right in front of me staring at my copy.It was so darn unnverving.But I managed to do well.I came around 5th/6th in the exam.

I had decided to take up Statistics as an additional.Why?Because my father had Statistics in his graduation.And I liked the look of the book Giri & Banerjee!( future was to be decided by the look of a book cover!).We went to Giri Sir's class.He turned to be a very amiable,jovial old man with twinkling friendly eyes and a shimmering infectious wit hovering underneath his grey hairs.Getting admission to his tution proved easy.

The most harrowing experience was at the Chemistry tution.It was Narayan Chakraborty,more popularly known as NC.(I didn't get admission to Bidhan Sir's class,as it was already packed).

Thus,I came to get admission to all the tutions.And waited,not so eagerly for them to start.

Kolkatar Rannaghor  

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First day at the Electrical lab and Mainak,one of our group partners tried to kill the remaining 6 of us by shorting the two terminals of a 110 volt dc using a single wire!! Honestly dude,what were you thinking when you actually did that?There was a brilliant flash of current,with some blinding dazzling chromatic display and within a few second,the wires,half the wooden panels were horribly charred with a sick,lung-choking smell emanating from it.The rest of the class our group teacher kept on reminding us that we'd have almost killed him(he was also standing close to the site)as well as ourselves and would have had to cough up a few thousand rupees had any instrument been seriously damaged.

I've finally managed to bring out a survey on the fast food joints in the city.I wouldn't like to compare and state that 'the best so-and-so are available there'.The superlatives are relative.Depends on the food,as well as the ambience,company etcetera etcetera.But here's what I feel:

Roll - 1>Campari(somewhere near Basanti Devi College.I can take you there but hell man! I can't give you the directions.they cook 97% oilfree roll.). 2>Hot Kati Roll( Good ol' Park Street.just opposite the metro station). 3>Arsalan(Chicken..nono..chikkan roll ). Zeeshan roll sucks because of too much oil.4>Bawarchi(Jadavpur 8b stand).the egg roll at Milanda's canteen should be rechristened as 'onion roll'.There's not a single speck of egg visible or tasted,but it's full of onions!and ladled generously with tomato sauce.

idli. It tastes very good>

Chowmein/chilli chicken -No one can beat the rows of 'Chingming Chow' and the likes ,which line the stretch of road from Maidan to Park Street.The whole air near that place reeks of the smell of chicken/fried rice/chowmein.It makes me grow weak in the knees,despite all those staunch resolutions to watch my waistline.Also check out Decker's Lane.It's somewhere between Chandni Chowk and Esplanade.I can take you there,but I can't give directions even with a gun pointed at my head.Btw,Decker's Lane is pretty tacky.Not happy-tacky.just tacky-tacky(if you know what I mean).I never went there personally.just had the food.

And also,there's this small roadside shop at Dharmatolla bus-stand which sells chunks of chilli chicken the size of idlis.tastes good.

Chat/Bhelpuri/Jhalmuri/Alukabli.... -Now,this is going to be difficult.Where do I begin?I like the taste of bhelpuri sold in front of Dakshinapan.But the tamarind juice is way too sweet.The bhelpuri at Deshapriya Park during the puja is also commendable.But the best bhel and alukabli I've tasted so far is I think from some little shack at Dalhousie...let me figure out the direction. If you're walking from Chandi Chowk to Esplanade you'll come across this stretch of road which is again lined with these small shops.You take a left turn at the end of this particular road and reach the road where United Towers and Great Eastern Hotel are located.Understood?

Hmm,I digress. The bhelpuri at this particular shop has the right blend of everything.Have it once.The next time I go there,I'll take a photo of the entire place so that you can figure out the way itself.

Fuchka?? I can't say.Right now,it's the ones sold near Hindustan Park.But our home-grown(parochial me!) Golf Green fuchkas rock too!

I'm not too fond of chats . I think the ones at Dakshinapan are okay.

Kebab -My favorite kebab corner till date is Arsalan.The cheese kebab out there is something I can kill for.And throw caution to the wind as well as my diet chart.

Momo- I can't eat momo.I'm incapable of digesting it.This is not to say that I hate it.Hell no.I just can't manage to keep it within me after like..what??....5 minutes of eating it.I puke the whole thing out. Can you believe this?? The last real good momos I had were from a small roadside shop right opposite of Rabindra Sadan Metro Station,on the diagonally opposite footpath of Haldiram's.And I stood and vomitted in front of Gokhale College for about 5 minutes.gross.My friends pretended that they didn't know me and everyone stared.

Telebhaja/alur chop/muri -Experiences are not diverse at all in this quarter.I love the ones sold at out 8b bus stand.

Badambhaja -Baruipur local.period.

Kochuri/alur dam .- Tasty Corner.near South Point High School.Kamdhenu(8b stand)

Coffee/tea Have money,will spend it on Mochaccino at Barista any day.or capuccino at money,cut to dear old Staff Canteen and Milanda.

I love the lebu cha (lemon tea) sold near Alliance Francais..umm...somewhere near Park Circus or AJC Bose Road...(maane jekhane LMG).Otherwise,I hate tea.

What else is left??(..etto khai ami??..) can lebu-logenze fall in the category of fast food? Guess not.Anyway,a useful piece of information.A bald man sells it in the buses plying between Ballygunge Phari and Dhakuria.It's the best.It had saved my life once,when I was stuck in a traffic jam for like 3.5 hours during the period of mass khorakhori by the KMC(read:grave digging).

Buss,that's all for now.Opinions,discussions,debates are welcome provided the suggestions are good enough for me to go all the way to these places and actually sample the food.And I hate tacky places.The really tacky ones.

ps: due apology to all the random roll/fuchka/kebab/momo/bhel corners I've been to and enjoyed immensely,but 1>have forgotten about them or 2>couldn't write due to lack of time.Good food is next to God.


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The cities don't make you insensitive or indifferent.This overbearing rat-race doesn't make one a cold cruel person.We confine ourselves inside concrete jungles.But deep down we're all pining for freedom.For the warmth of touch.The sense of security that stems from small little things.Like an early morning hot cup of coffee.A jovial "good morning" on a smiling face.A warm "hello", a friendly slap on the back,a concerned voice asking whether you're okay or you've eaten your lunch properly.A walk round your favorite corner(I'm a total walk-freak and can go on and on rambling about this :-) )Small little things that do not tend to blow trumpets but are there all the same to bail us out of the dark pit of depression.Optimism is a foolish thing,but it can be useful in bringing back the lost smile on our face,the hope back in our hearts.We all need to believe in something good for us.For all of us.This is a short life and we all deserve to be happy.Happiness is a relative term indeed.What makes me happy might make someone else sad.So we need to be careful.A little care on our part will go a long way making the world a much better place to live in.
This is not a typical Libran rant.I believe in goodness for everyone.I do.I believe the world is still a beautiful place to live in.As there're people to ask me if I'm happy.whether I've finished my lunch.If my studies are going well.etc.We all have someone or the other around us who cares about us.We just somehow miss the sight of them.Either we're too wrapped up in our own concern.or we just plain don't care.What good will it do to us by isolating ourselves from the human world?I had a friend who did the mistake (that's my take on it)of doing this.And now she feels cut off.What good would it do by being obscure?So much so that people can't reach out to us and we soon find ourselves sinking deep into the bottomless pit of hopelessness?

Okay,now this might come across to people as tremendously melodramatic,straight out of those glossy self-help books that claim to be bestsellers but in reality does little to actually help(again,that's a personal take on it).True,I've these sudden sporadic outbursts of optimism and verve.But that definitely is not just my trip.I mean them.To be honest,everything I've written so far is entirely my personal point of view.I don't want to impose them on anyone.It's your life and your personal choice how to lead it.Just be happy.

I just refuse to be bogged down by the hazards that are trying to cripple the lives of people,including mine.As long as I'm alive,I'm capable of doing good.Come what may.

God! I'm so happy.Never felt so happy and fresh in my entire life.Every morning I wake up,I feel rejuvenated(groggy as well).Every music,every food,every book,just everything makes me happy.Call it insane,I'm happy to stay like this.It is like I've just celebrated my bar mitzvah .More powers to me.The world is a GREAT place.

ps: best of luck to all the medical students who had their semesters preponed by about a month. :-)


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1. What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up? "Mangsho ranna hochhe!!" :-)

2. What did you do last night? Talked to Arnab.texted Garfield.made some horrible pjs.brushed my teeth.then fell asleep all of a sudden.

3. What is the most important part of life? family.friends.studies.

4. What would you rather be doing right now? sleeping.watching a horror movie.

5. What did you last cry over? After watching Mumbai Meri Jaan.

6. What always makes you feel better when you're upset? good food.sleep.people to talk to.

7. What's the most important thing you look for in a significant other? erom bhabe bola jay??...intelligence.sense of humor.ability to enjoy without being overtly critical all the time and under any circumstances.

8. What are you worried about? screwed semester.assembly language programming.virus in desktop.

9. What are you looking forward to most in this week? weekends.will be meeting friends :-)


1. Have you ever had your heart broken? dunno.

2. Have you ever done something outrageously dumb?yess!

3. Have you ever been totally backstabbed by a friend?yes

4. Have you ever had the cops called on you?no.not yet.

6. Have you ever read an entire book in one day?yes.of course.mainly crime 'em :-).


1. Who was the last person you saw?. Nuruddin Uncle.

2. Who was the last person you shared a bed with? Choi.

3. Who is the person you wish you could be with? Heh.

4. Who was the last person to call you? Ria.

5. Who was your first crush? Capt. von Trapp.

6. Who is the last person you freaked out on? Puta.

7. Who did you last hug? Anoja.


1. When was your last shower? this morning.

2. When did you last see your mom?Just a few minutes back.

3. When was your last time you saw your dad? 4 hours ago.

4. When did you last dress up? as in dressy dressup?? last sunday.

5. When was the last time you cried and why? 6th December.After watching Mumbai Meri Jaan.

6. When did you last listen to music? 30 minutes ago. Desi Girl-Dostana that track.


1. Where does your best friend live? They know.

2. Where did you last go? Dakshinapan.yesterday with Puta,Anoja,Ushashi.

3. Where did you last hang out?same as above.

4. Where do you go to school?South Point :-)

5. Where is your favourite place to be?'s place.DP.random adda corner.

6. Where did you sleep last night?ami s'posed to sing it aloud?My bed.and am not lying to you


1. Do you know the Muffin Man? again,do you want me to sing it?? here goes:

Oh, yes, I know the muffin man,The muffin man, the muffin man,Oh, yes, I know the muffin man,Who lives in Drury Lane.

4. Does the future scare you? a bit....not really.lot more than that.


1. Why are you best friends with your best friend? because we understand each other without having someone actually say what he/she's been thinking.we are always together even if we are physically away.

2. Why did you get a MySpace? because back then i didn't like Orkut.didn't know about Facebook/any other social networking site.

3. Why did your parents give you the name you have?because they liked it.and they had a preconceived notion that back then not many girls were named Shreyasi.proved wrong though.

4. Why are you doing this survey? because i like it.


1. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? ability to turn invisible.

2. If you could go back in time and change one thing, would you? yes.

3. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring one thing, what would it be? cellphone with an active network and infinite balance and charge.


1. Would you ever shave your head to save someone you love?Yeah, I would.


1. Are you happy with your life right now? yes.i am.


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I listen to a lot of Hindi songs and I simply love them.Even the 'sidey' ones.Ones you can dance to.I like watching soaps.I'm smitten by this serial Balika Vadhu. I love watching Hindi movies.I don't watch mush much.I can never make myself listen to some song I don't like,just because people rave about that particular song/genre.I have never heard of Michael Buble before yesterday.And I do speak and write a lot of wrong English(that's not good though,but am improving)

You have a problem with that??..umm....what do you say...that makes me "chomu" right??

heh.go get a life.does it look like I give a damn??


Songs on my mind part 2  

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Why Georgia-John Mayer
Where do you go? -Fort Minor
Superfantastic- Mr. Big
I'll follow you into the dark-Death Cab for Cutie
A Stranger-A Perfect Circle
Dani California-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
A Sorta Fairytale-Tori Amos
Immigrant Song-Led Zeppelin
Ain't Seen Love Like That-Mr. Big
Let's Call The Whole Thing Off-Harry Connick Jr.
She Don't Know She's Beautiful-Alan Jackson
Man In The Box-Alice In Chains
Home-Chris Daughtry
Guzarish-Ghajini soundtrack
Money For Nothing-Dire Straits
You Oughta Now-Alanis Nadine Morissette
Chop Suey-SOAD