Posted by: Shreyasi Ghosh

One of my biggest fears is of spending lonely evenings all by myself in a busy metro,in an old coffee shop sipping warm latte,listening to some oldworld classics,watching the rain and a couple of insane trippers hand-in-hand trudging past happily,getting drenched and caring two-hoots about the world.Or of lonely walks along the streets or staying at home all alone,reading a book,watching romantic comedies and wishing for similar things to happen, late at night.I hate the rain.I hate the clouds.I hate Leonard Cohen and John Denver.I hate Annie's Song.I hate Harry and Sally.I hate the mad tripper.

And then,I listen to John Denver crooning a few favorite old songs and I am lost.I calm down and actually fall in love with the rain a little.
I want a rainsong right now.

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Visiting u after a long time.
I read a few of your posts and felt really happy suddenly ! You are one happy-go-lucky cheerful person, truly! =)
I think I love you. =) =)

@Puff: thank you :). hugs. I guess I am a typical Libran who rants because she needs to.and at times I am not happy or cheerful,but the ludicrous ranting at the end sounds funny...see I am ranting again.

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