Feet,Fest,Friends et all  

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I have horribly bloody feet. The stupid sandals gave me blisters the size of aloo pakodas. And some brainy fellow trampled on them this morning when I went to that overcrowded zerox corner near JU.I shouted at random people and was almost on the verge of cursing when I freaked out at the sight of a steady flow of blood from both feet.It was gross I tell you.More so,because I was munching on Lays Spanish Tomato and felt like puking(why I'm describing each and every small detail is because I want you to lose your breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack after reading this as well)

The JU Arts Fest is going on.I don't know why but there's always a hint(or more) of silent animosity between JU Arts and Engg students.A silent cold war between the two.Which is pretty weird and inexplicable according to me.I gathered that the main reason behind it is a very basic attitude difference.What attitiude difference? People on both sides study,chat,walk,eat,turn unsocial and play cards,watch movies..blah blah blah...then what is this difference thing?? I'm in JU Engg. but I've plenty of good friends from the Arts side,one of them being my best friend and the other being my future brother-in-law.Yeah,I've been cold-shouldered at times when some people learnt that I'm from the Engg side.But frankly I give a damn..I don't notice these things much.But the whole thing is totally weird I tell you.

Anyway I digress.The Arts fest is going on.I missed both performances by Shilajit and Cassini's Division.And right now,Fossils is performing at OAT and my brother is texting me furiously,asking me to come.But I'm nursing a pair of bloody feet and can't move.Besides, I wont be allowed anyway.

I met Choi and Ching together after a really really long time.And Ishita and Somdev as well.Met Rudrani who's Ishita's school friend,now in JUDE.All of them fussed over my bloody feet(the story of my 'bloody feet' being much exaggerated by Ching).The Choi treated me to some horribly bitter coffee from Milanda and a Cadbury's Eclairs.There's something amazing about meeting old friends,laughing over stupid jokes,sipping hot coffee,talking people's heads off....

Now I can really say without the fear of being overheard and ticked off by Baba for 'verbal profanity'........

Bloody feet.....


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It's one of those few precious moments in your lives when time comes to a standstill. You reflect deeply and try to figure out what is so wrong with your life and just how you can put things back on track.And you do this quietly, shutting yourself out from the jangled mess called the 'rest of the world'. No cellphones to distract you, no loud music to help you drown yourself in it and thus run away from reality,no one shouting at you and calling you a 'loser'.You turn a blind eye to the whole world.You're at a place from where you just can't turn back.You have to take everything in your stride and put a step forward.You're left with just one truth in front of you.And that is YOU.

One of those tumultous moments which are enough to give a rude shock to your world of soft-easy options,drag you to the hard-core,brutal reality against which you tried to create your wall of defence.Which finally makes you realise that hiding,denying,sharking,procrastinating,avoiding,escaping are the biggest lies one can say to oneself.
It's time we all get set and go......because life just cannot be worse than THIS. And even if it gets so....there's a way out...every action has an equal and opposite reaction....if we are in a mess,there's always a way out of it.Otherwise we wouldn't have been into it..I mean,even a mess has a limited intake capacity right??


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Can someone please type a 100 pages long 8085 assembly language program assignment for me?You don't have to write them on your own.Yours truly has boggled her brains with her lab partner and written all of them.You just have to blindly copy stuffs from a copy,make a proper assignment with all proper fonts,borders,outlines,shades and stuffs.And if possible,get me a printout of them all...free of cost??

In return,you can have my skates-my most prized possession right now,apart from my desktop,laptop,pendrive and rucksack(I live on these stuffs). I will teach you how to skate and put oinment on your cuts and bruises.Promise I will.

But just finish this assignment for me please.It's 12th of February and I dont feel like typing it.Not that 12th of February is my deathday or some other really auspicious day.Just like that.I want to listen to John Denver,Elvis Presley,Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones and watch Love Actually and cuddle up to my old teddy and have lots of chocolates and talk to Choi/Ching after a really long long time and just sleep...really sleep peacefully to my heart's content.

Wouldja puhleez????

Dear People,  

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If you're planning to appoint me to cover up for you on this Valentine's Day and later,please for heaven's sake, let me know about your plans in details. So that I'm not left to making up horribly stupid last minute stories and convince frantic and hyper-harried guardians over the phone,fumbling with the receiver with my own mother glaring at my histrionic talents.And I've come up with some extremely outrageous stories in the recent times(for further details,contact me.I'll give you the contacts of the victims).So please,guys and girls,before you make some plan(or after you make it)please tell me about it in details,okay?Remember,you may go and have your good time.But when it comes to saving yourself from getting busted,yours truly is the one you should come to...*raises collar*

This V'Day,like the other V'Days I've spent at home is no exception.I have to cover up for people sitting at home,finishing Microprocessor lab assignments.I'm this unpaid PR person.I'll be sighted at 5(at least) places with 5 different people at almost the same time,when actually I'll go berserk figuring out what'd come after LXI H 2050,MVI H 05H and converting stuffs to machine code(8085 microprocessor stuffs).Occasionally,I'll attend to calls from suspicious parents who're convinced that their wards are upto something fishy(why let them go out then..???)and would try to get some assurance from me that they're not...man!what do you take me for??..a 21st century chaperone??And this V'Day,like all other V'Days,my father will gift a huge bunch of fresh red rosebuds to my mum,along with some chocolates(which I can't touch on that day) and I'll be left watching them,sitting idle on the sofa.And I'll buy myself some chocolates and sit down to watch some romantic comedy which I've watched at least 20 times but never grow tired of watching it,(..because it's that day of the year which makes you believe in something good..... just how many times have I told myself these words when the movie reaches the climax when the hero inevitably has a bad fallout with the heroine due to unprecedented ego problems or third party interference,and the heroine is making a beeline for the exit/sitting and crying in a small dingy station and the likes..and you see the hero turns up from nowhere with promises and a wedding ring).And I'll get up from the couch,feeling delirious with happiness that the hero-heroine were married at last,and toss and twirl and bump into a chair or something and come back crashing into the reality,which shows that I've to actually finish lab assigments!

This V'Day,like all other V'days,I'll call up all the committed friends just to irritate the hell out of them and really be a crashing bore till they reach the point of saying ...go to hell :D :D. And finally manage to rope myself into a party with all committed people around,convincing myself that I'm here only for the good food and nothing else.And watch Ma and Baba together and wonder about their 33 years of togetherness.And get shouted at by them.....your generation can't value relationships...it's all a fling..casual affairs..one night stands for you people...you people understand nothing beyond money,booze,smoke and the likes..... and get up from the couch and leave the room when this "you-young-people" bashing have finally got on my nerves.Okay! agreed we young people have our own shares of dark sides,but then everyone does.Even the elders aren't free from them,are they?I can think of at least 50 rational topics to stop their 'you-young-people-' rant.But,I realise I hardly give a damn......'we-young-people' syndrome...tomra kono kichhukei patta dao na....tomader toh sab kuch chalta hain......

Okay!I digress....from nothing concrete I was writing though.Point is this V'Day like all other V'Days,I'll be spending time at home,doing assignments,watching sugarcoated,reality-masking,illusionary romcoms(which I love to watch anyway),eat chocolates and put on a saintly,goody-goody,mother's girl-like tone and convince people.....nana! Dont worry...he/she's with me..... :D :D

Shum phun!


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In spite of all ups and downs,I'm really happy to have found a great new friend.

Thank you for being.God bless you.Please be there always.