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Yes. It's official.

I have the best parents in the whole wide universe and beyond.



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One of the nastiest feelings on earth is feeling stupid.The way that makes your insides feel totally hollow.And makes you lose your peace of mind as you just sit back and worry about the I wish I were never stupid and always said the right thing at the right time.I wish sometimes I had never opened my mouth at certain circumstances.I wish I knew how to tackle some situations, say intelligent things.

Please tell me you also feel stupid at times.It'd be a comfort(I mean,dont say it just to comfort me.say it for real).


"She bruise easy..."  

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I had a freak auto accident today.

I was coming back from Gariahat and sat in the auto's front side.The autowallah bumped into a taxi in front of the Selimpur petrol pump and I got thwron out of the auto under the impact and banged into the side of an Alto.The Altowallah stared at me agape,thinking I'm some alien or something to have appeared out of nowhere and banged into his car!

End result: I have a beautiful blue bell-shaped bruise on my left knee and it keeps on changing color.I think it is greenish-grey now.And I have a sneaky feeling this will change into some rare shades of green overnight.Let's hope it is bottle-green or cyan or something.I find these two colors very fascinating.I'll be sporting a cyan bell bruise like a tattoo on my left knee.

They're black, they're blue

These heavens

The scars out in her eyes

Could be cool easy pressure

Oh, when the weapons lessen

Who can tell.......

So cool =) !!!


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I always knew I can fight well.But I never knew I had such a violent streak in me.And I feel it's getting out of control day by day.

A few days back,I slapped a drunken man who was indecently touching a friend of mine in the auto.I abused him and almost pushed him out of the auto till the local people took the matter in their hands.

Today I went to collect my voter id card.We were standing in the queue for like two and half hours.Then suddenly this man came in from nowhere and tried to break into the queue almost at the front.I shouted at him,asking him to get out.He didn't budge.Neither did anyone else.So I grabbed him by his collar and pushed him out of the line.Then when he started giving attitude,I almost slapped him till the police intervened.

Pure adrenaline rush I must say.And I feel really kicked after having such fights with people :). I have this 'bring it on' kind of attitude,I don't give a damn about anyone in the world giving shit....

I seriously need a haircut now.My hair has grown longer and browner.There's this stupid heat and so hair sticks to my neck all the time making me feel all sweaty and itchy.And I can't wet it for it wont dry before at least 2 hours.All this is making me very snappy.But my mother and grandmother won't let me have a haircut....this is so unfair.I mean,come one,my hair my rules!But then,who listens??...I hate my hair right now.hate it hate it hate it.

Also,I seem to be wasting all my time playing cards.There's a difference.I don't think I'm wasting my time.We're turning into seriously unsocial people nowadays.We don't sit and talk anymore.We're too engrossed in playing cards.....29,Bluff,Screw,Fish,BlackJack,Teenpatti............and what's more no one's complaining.Not even me :). Choi and Somdev are a couple.They too spend their time playing cards whenever Choi comes to JU. :).

So long,au revoir.


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icche korchhe jekhane ja taar acche...shob kete di....

baaps re baaps...............