"The hammer of the Gods"....indeed!  

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I am a hungry,thirsty,tired-beyond-words,sleep-deprived soul with ugly dark circles around my droopy eyes, an aching tooth and sweaty itching palms,worn-out by furious incessant typing for the past 3 hours at breakneck speed to finish a lab assignment to be submitted on the coming Wednesday.

And me and my lab partner are yet to finish at least 5 programs,debug 7 of the ones we foolishly thought to be running smoothly until mysterious mistakes cropped up all of a sudden.And we have to write comments against almost each line of the programs(C programmers in colleges are aware of it,amongst other people),(and I can't find a particular header file for a program),write assignments and prepare for the viva as well.There's no food in the fridge...not even stupid Gems,and I'm listening to songs like PSP-12 and Immigrant Song to stay awake(now I may need a Himesh Reshamiya masterpiece if Robert Plant and Jimmy Page fail to keep me from dozing off) when all I want to do is throw the bleddy laptop on the floor.And there goes my partner smsing me that...oi programta run korchhena thikthak...debug korte hobe... !Yearkey paya hain???AAn!! amar bujhi khide teshta ghum kichhu payna??? *anger and frustrations not directed at my equally hassled labmate*.

Soon I'll resemble the picture below(minus the thin frame!)

And suddenly I start imagining faces peeping out from behind the heavu curtains.Someone sitting in front of the mirror and combing her hair.and suddenly turning around to look at me with dead hollow eyes.And horses neighing while a young girl with matted hair covering her face facing a camera and whining ..I want my mommy.... (I'm hating Naomi Watts right now).

And now I've to look for some place to get a 500 page color xerox done cheap (read: shoestring)which is only after we finish typing the assignment and do the designs: and all that.And on top of that,we have probably three class tests next week!! :-) :-) :-) ("when in trouble,always smile...emniteo case khabi...omni teo...heshe de..at least mood bhalo thakbe..." petulant drops of pearl from the wise brother of mine.)And why don't the pesky winged creatures from hell stop whining and biting???

.....Valhalla...I am coming....


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I attended the Spanish class after what seems like a decade.

Sir asked me to translate....Kolkata is an ancient city in Spanish. I promptly said....

Kolkata esta una ciudad huevo.

Sir(looking up from the book): Ki bolle?....(what did you say??)

Me(scratching my chin and starting to look sheepish): Sir...Kolkata esta una ciudad huevo...

Sir(): Huevo???

Me(frowning):Sir huevo maane toh old. I meant to say Kolkata is an old city.....(Sir,vueho means old and I meant....you get it,don't you?)

Sir(sighing):It would be Kolkata esta una ciudad vieja..Kolkata city.So it's feminine.

Me(serious face):Okay sir!

Sir(writing on the board):Btw Shreyasi,oral er jonyo thik kore poro.Huevo maane murgir deem.....(Btw Shreyasi,study well for your orals.Huevo means egg)

I disappeared behind Miss Gopalan,my classmate.