Songs on my mind at this moment  

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1. Songbird-Eva Cassidy
2.Turn me on-Norah Jones
3.One Step Closer-Linkin Park
4.Both sides now-Joni Mitchell
5. Clocks-Coldplay
6.Kashmir-Led Zeppelin
7.Back in Black-ACDC
9.Bawnra Maan-Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi
10.Here Without You-3 Doors Down
11.Ziggy Stardust-David Bowie
12.Bittersweet Symphony-The Verve
13.Suddenly I see-KT Tunstall
14.When I'm gone-Simple Plan
15.Hey Jude-The Beatles
16.Accidentally in love-Counting Crows
17.New Shoes-Paulo Nutini
18.Runaway-The Corrs
19.One of Us-Joan Osbourne

Quite a lot.:-)

P.S: Btw,I forgot to mention Anyone else but you by The Moldy Peaches!

A very random post  

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After all the misgivings,hours of nailbiting anxiety and a would-have-been-sleepless-had-it-not-been-you-who-asked-me-to-sleeptight night,the French exam went surprisingly well.Well,I did get very very nervous during the conversation with the professors during the orals.I forgot quite a few easy words,messed up with the grammar at some places and stared at Deepa Madam for a few seconds,blankly as if someone had completely blotted out everything from my mind.Koushik Sir and Deepa Madam were very sympathetic.They understood that I was nervous out of my wits and smiled a lot and spoke slowly.That freaked me out even more.I could have taken a few loud voices complaining that the standards of the students every year is going down....That would have kind of egged me on to get a grip on myself.But then,the smile unnerved me even more and I felt like running out of the room.It was like...oh god! they're being so nice and I'm this underperforming idiot..It's not a nice feeling.Next time,if I mess up a test,I'd like the examiner to nettle me so that I can get my own way back and do well.Sorry! it sounds weird.People may think I'm this ungrateful person.But then I'm not.I appreciate this kind behaviour during the exam but I'd prefer to be shouted at.That just gets me started!

The writing part was good.But my oh my!!! the ecouter part i.e. the listening exam went so so well that I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming! I mean,I could figure out almost every single word they spoke ,understand their meanings and thus,write down the correct answers! Going by the class performances in ecouter, I was sure it's going to be an hour of complete hell! But then..God works in mysterious ways indeed.

I didn't much like the topic of the letter we had to write-it required us to write a letter to our friends who are getting married,regretting about our inability to help them as their weddings.Firstly what kind of help did they ask for?? Financial? I didn't think so as it seemed their parents had enough money to book a mindlessly expensive hall for the wedding(the invitation said so).Then help in what form? Manual labor? Like packing unpacking gifts?Arranging the trousseau?vying for the post of the bridesmaid and trying to fit into the ridiculously tight corset ignoring the bulging complaining waistline? Or something better?Or worse?

Secondly it was necassary to write between 60-80 words and ...c'mon man! since when have you written a 60-word letter to your friend?It's not a formal letter thing right,that you have to be all brief,concise and absolutely to the point and say whatever you have to say without 'beating around the bush' as they say?? Well,if it's really urgent and you have to make it real fast and inform them,then I guess it makes sense.But still..letters to friends and that too between 60-80 words-it's bad(I'm running out of English words.All I can come up with is their French equivalents).

But the real killer was the dialogue i.e. the conversation with the professors.I had to pose as the employer in some big company giving instructions to his employees about sending some parcel to some other country.I got to select the parcel's weight from the question sheet.I selected 3000 g. When Deepa Madam asked me what it contained,I promptly said "une lettre prive".(A private letter)Sir was baffled to the point of stirring in his seat suddenly."What???3000g!!"...I got more nervous and said..."avec autres documents aussi"(with other documents too).Deepa nice of her...tired real hard not to laugh and went to ask the next question while Sir just sat with a bemused stumped expression on his face,with me writhing in sheer mortification.

The post-parler-exam aloor paratha,aachar didn't taste half as good as it should have,partly because people were discussing what went wrong in the viva and I unwittingly joined them and secondly because I was immensely annoyed that my ancient,alomost prehistoric piece of cellphone was malfunctioning.

I lost my id card before the exam and again Deepa Madam came to my rescue,assuring that it was fine and I didn't need to worry.Bless her! I'd love to have her as my professor in B1.I almost dozed off during the test.Aftermath of paratha, the rain and waking up in the wee hours of the morning and mugging the futur(future) forms of verbs without splashing the face with stinging, cold water. But then,everytime my eyelids started drooping I caught the invigilator staring at me and just couldn't.

A1 over.Many people like Pingpong aren't coming back.Even Anushkadi isn't sure if she can continue or not.Samir Sir will not be taking our classes anymore.We're going to have a new prof and we'll miss him a lot.I do hope others like Poulomi,Sohini,Deepti stick around.

Au revoir!

On the eve of the French exam  

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i want to watch Dark Knight and go to South City Mall with Souvik!

French test tomorrow at 9.I'm yet to do subjonctif,participe present, gerundif and conditional. I am confident only about the parler test i.e. the oral test. I'm sure something's gonna go wrong during ecouter i.e. the listening part.Either I'll be too nervous to concentrate or I won't be able to figure out anything at all . Production ecrit i.e. the creative writing part I'll manage,only if I'm armed with a good stock of vocabulary. Rest I don't know.

Let's see. All the best to me.

9.45:Java,paneer and a mixed bag of many things  

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There's a terrific smell of matar paneer wafting from the kitchen and distracting me so much that it's absolutely impossible to finish writing this Java program now.Accompanying it,is the unmistakeable aroma of buttered naan ! This is just too much to stomach and go on writing a program on bank transactions and deposits,as if nothing has happened.

Naan,matar paneer and kheer.What else can the foodie's soul ask for?

Except perhaps, the Drums of Heaven from Food Court,South City Mall.